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All About Me

By roxannebland, Jun 17 2017 02:47AM

Today's (June 16) radio show was...revealing. The host called me about a half-hour before the show began and said he wanted to talk about me. What it was like being a child. What it was like going to a fine arts high school. College. Law school.

I felt apprehensive. I'm a very private person, and talking about myself makes me nervous. But it went all right, I suppose. Maybe it was because I was alone in my office, and not in a studio, on TV, or being videotaped. I just hope listeners weren't bored by my rambling. Next week, in keeping with talking about myself, I'd like to discuss marketing. Not marketing per se, but how I did it, the mistakes I've made, what I've learned from it.

The Goodreads Giveaway is over. I thought I'd get about 350 people max. The total was almost 1200. Astounding. So now I'm having the books shipped. That's one thing I do like about CS. They not only do the printing, they ship, too. And they ship worldwide. You see, when I run giveaways, I name countries--you got it--all over the world. So this time, my books are going to the UK, to Italy, to Australia, and to South Africa, to name a few. It's kind of neat to know someone in South Africa is going to have my book. Someone in Australia. Someone in Italy.

As is my practice, I'll run another giveaway for The Underground: Second Edition. I usually do two, though I may do three. I might also run another for The Moreva of Astoreth. But that's not until later in the year, so I don't have to decide now.


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