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By roxannebland, Sep 18 2017 06:54AM

Well! I see by the date it's been a while since I've posted here. In my defense, a LOT has been going on this past month.

First, The Underground: Second Edition placed as a finalist in the Readers' Favorite Book Award Contest. I'm pretty chuffed about that. Totally unexpected. That is most likely because I'd forgotten I'd entered.

The Underground's sequel, Invasion, will be released soon. Two books in one year! Sorta, anyway. I'll admit the sequel was half finished when I released the Underground. So look for it at the beginning of October, or maybe even sooner, if all goes well.

Finally, I'm taking a break from writing. Just for a while. I've been going great guns for several years now, and I need a rest. I'd rather rest from my day job, but writing doesn't pay the bills, at least not yet. So I'm thinking maybe six months, though I'll probably last half that. Can't keep my mitts off the computer, you know. But I have lots more stories to tell, and they will get told.

Here's a concept cover for Invasion. This isn't the final, but it's going to look pretty much like this.

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