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More Accolades for Invasion!

By roxannebland, Sep 14 2018 01:08PM

Invasion has won a second book award! Fabulous!

To blow my own horn, that's three awards I've won thus far. Guess I are a writer.

Really though, I'm truly grateful for the recognition. Writers toil away in isolation, and it's hard to tell if a story is shit or gold while you're writing it. It is for me, at least. Good reviews help too, but I think an award, reviewed by those who are literary and publishing professionals, unequivocally shows the world that a writer is serious about her craft, and is more than willing to expend the time, energy, and money to bring an idea to reality.

And as I am always in competition with myself, this spurs me to strive to make my next book, When Gods Die, an award-winner, too!

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