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Tornado Warning

By roxannebland, Aug 19 2017 12:10PM

Have a series of radio interviews and a video interview coming up again, this time for my new book, "Invasion." After a spellcasting gone terribly wrong, three paranormals divided by love and jealousy discover themselves inextricably bound through their auras. Not only must they find a way to unbind themselves, they must also help an interstellar assassin stave off a potential alien invasion of Earth before it's too late--for them and the planet.

Yes, I know--not a very good elevator pitch. But then, I was never good at making them. It'll just have to do. At any rate, there will be a short story appended to it, "Forever Bound." Suffice it to say that a powerful vampire regent contemplates driving a stake through his heart. The purpose of the short is to end our quartet's adventures on Earth. I figured after a threatened alien invasion, what could possibly be next? So they take off in the alien's battleship and find new adventures.

In other news, The Moreva of Astoreth has a new look. I liked the old cover just fine, but reviewers and judges didn't. One reviewer actually took a star off my review because of it. So instead of five stars, I only got four. Rather aggravating, since the quality of the cover doesn't necessarily have anything to do with what's between them. Yet people do judge books by their covers, so I had to change it. Look for it on the front page soon.

So that's all for now. See ya in the funny papers!

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