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By roxannebland, Aug 17 2018 08:46PM

And it isn't even over yet.

I've been hospitalized twice in 2018. During the winter and spring, I was in a particularly bad place and was locked up in a certain ward in the hospital. I do not recommend it. The Hilton it ain't. And the food is appalling. Barely a month later, I was back. I'm still recovering from it, and will probably be in recovery for six months to a year.

Between this, that, and the other, I've written barely a lick this year. I wrote a sentence in February. After that, nothing. Now that I can sit at my computer again, I hope to get a word in here or there. But there are other things that are holding my attention right now, and they're not exactly good things. I'll manage, I suppose. Somehow.

There's a book called "Touched By Fire" by Kay Redfield Jamison. She's a psychiatrist. Dr. Jamison analyzed the letters written by and to Lord Byron, Samuel Coleridge and other famous poets, writers and visual artists. From these, she deduced that they were suffering from a variety of mental illnesses, which may have helped fuel their creativity. She's not suggesting that people who don't suffer from mental illness can't be creative, but she posits that mental illness can play a role. It's a good book--thought provoking. If you're interested, you might want to pick it up.

Social media--I'm starting to find it boring. Facebook, Twitter and so on. Of course, it doesn't help that Win 10 updated itself and wiped out my ability to watch internet videos. Even without the videos, though, I'm still find my attention wandering. Is it the same with you, or is it just me? Maybe I should do a search and find other sites that will keep my attention.

So that's all for now. In the future, I'll try not to let my lapses go on for so long.

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