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Part paranormal urban fantasy, part romance, and part science fiction–above and underground.

Delve into the hidden worlds of these creatures of the night. They're vivid and engrossingly compelling in a tale highly recommended for sci-fi and urban fantasy readers looking for a story that is satisfyingly edgier than most.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

About the Book

Have you ever thought about what life might be like for paranormals in the real world?

All things being equal, it wouldn’t be easy. To live, paranormals have to figure out how to pass for human. They’d have to spin a web of lies to explain to humans who they are, and then they’d have to keep those lies straight. They’d have to live in a state of hyperawareness, knowing that every person who crosses their path is a potential enemy. Like walking a tightrope a hundred feet above the ground with no safety net.

It isn’t much different from our world. People die every day because of skin color, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and identity, and more. For paranormals to survive, there are times when morals have to be damned. And that’s true for real-life humans, too.

Gritty and dark, The Underground is engrossing because of its unique takes within the supernatural genre.

John M. Murray, Clarion Reviews

Combines mystery, adventure, romance, and horror into a compelling work of steamy, violent, urban fantasy.

Mindy Hood, SPR Reviews