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What Is Mixed-Genre?

Deviancy in its purest form.

It’s just what it sounds like, really. Grab a bunch of genres and subgenres under the speculative fiction umbrella, throw ’em in a blender, and see what comes out.

“Yeah, okay. Doesn’t tell me a whole lot, though.”

Fine. Lemme throw some academical at ya.

Mixed-genre speculative fiction combines multiple elements of genres and subgenres into a single work. While are no limits on the genres and subgenres that can be combined, the most common are science fiction/horror and science fiction/fantasy. Mixed-genre describes stories that defy genre classification, and blur the lines between traditional genre boundaries. In doing so, these works offer a unique and diverse reading experience.

So, there you have it. Mixed-genre speculative fiction. Written by authors who break the rules with unmitigated glee.