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Books, Glorious Books!

Spread your magic.

You’ve written a book. You want people to read it, besides your family and friends. Assuming they have even a scintilla of interest in reading your magnum opus.

So, you have to market your baby. Get the word out to the masses. Posted a screed about this a while back, but it got lost when the company hosting my site did whatever it was they did.

Most important is that you do what you can to stand out from the rest. Get your book and yourself noticed. All while doing your best to maintain your dignity.

I sell books at sci fi/fantasy/horror conventions. You’re in a ballroom or similar at a hotel crammed with dealers selling just about everything under the sun. How do you get people to stop and look?

You stand out.

I have a programmable LED mask. For my next convention, I’ll program it to read “BUY MY BOOKS!” Scrolling, flashing, maybe both.

And I have this. Set my tablet up on the table, play it on loop.

This’ll be fun.


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