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At least it wasn't my hard drive.

An author’s worst nightmare is to lose work, whether in progress or completed, because their hard drive crashed.

This is why backing up one’s work is so important. An external hard drive, in the cloud, wherever. As long as there’s a current copy somewhere. Even if it’s not the latest of the latest copy, life will assuredly continue.

Not so with blogs, as I’ve learned. My site was migrated to a new host, and I lost one published post — Truth Decay — and two more that had been scheduled.

That’s why you’re getting this one today.

So, new rule: Create a copy of all blog posts before publishing, put them in a folder on the hard drive, and back it up.

I’m not going to try and re-create Truth Decay or the scheduled posts. After all, there’s so much more to rant about.

For those who had the opportunity to read Truth Decay, thank you. I hope you enjoyed it.

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