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City of the Monkey God

It wasn't aliens.

Lost cities.

I love reading about them. Cities thought to be myths until their remains were found. Pompeii. Herculaneum. Troy. Archaeologists argue about it, but there’s evidence — bronze arrowheads, charred human bones — pointing to the possibility that Homer wasn’t kidding. He didn’t make up The Illiad. The Trojan War really happened.

Cities lost after being abandoned, smothered in Mama Nature’s jungle embrace in Central and South America. Cities like Thonis-Heracleion, lost to the sea only to be found a thousand years after it sank beneath the waves. Petra. You know that one. Who hasn’t seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

They’re definitely cool. But some lost cities are cooler than others. The ones I’ve mentioned, archeologists know who built them. The Mayans. The Anatolians. The Nabateans.

No, the ones that really get my imagination going are the lost cities built by a lost people. Mohenjo-daro. A city around 4000 years old. They left behind lots of stuff. Seals, tools, pottery, and ornaments. Clay tablets with writing on them. Problem is, no one’s figured out the language. For all anybody knows, the tablets say Kilroy Was Here. Or those lame fat jokes about yo’ mama.  No way to tell who they were, where they came from, why they left and where the hell they went. To archeologists and the rest of the world, they’re known only as the Indus Valley Civilization.

Cities lost to time.

So what happened to them? They were abducted by aliens! Of course. It’s always aliens. Pesky creatures.

City of the Monkey God. It’s also called The White City. I like City of the Monkey God better. But then I would. What’s left of it is buried beneath the super-dense rainforest in a seriously remote part of Honduras. The rainforest’s got everything. Swamps. Poisonous snakes. Flesh-eating bacteria. What more could you ask for?

Monkey God City had been just a legend until a plane’s LiDAR uncovered it. The trip uncovered two more cities, too. For real, though, Monkey was never “lost.” The Pech, the Indigenous people who live there, have always known about it. Some knew exactly where Monkey City was. They just ought to, ya know? They’re descendants of the people who built the place. It’s white people who called it lost because a few got glimpses over the centuries but later, nobody could find it. And the last white dude to see the City died before he could tell anybody the location.

Livin’ large under a rock.

“City of the Monkey God.” Great title for a book, huh? Hm. That’s an idea.

Speaking of aliens, I guess everybody’s heard of the Anunnaki. Unless you’ve been living under a rock. Came here a half millennia ago to mine gold so they could save their planet, Nibiru, from environmental disaster, or something. Frankensteined humans and enslaved them so they could mine the gold. Fucked ’em and made a bunch of demi-Frankensteins. Built the Pyramids, Baalbek, and other places still standing today. Did a shitload of other wild stuff. A seriously epic saga, worth suspending belief for the sake of the story.

There are people who swear up and down it’s all true. Never mind the saga has holes big enough to launch 30 of Bezos’s giant dicks roped together and rocket through with plenty of room left over. Like, if they were so tech advanced, how come they didn’t make the gold themselves? Surely they had nuclear reactors or something similar. Bombard a platinum or mercury nucleus with neutrons. Knock a neutron off platinum or add one to mercury, and hey, presto! Gold. If we can do it, why couldn’t they? Oh, but we can make gold only in tiny amounts. Don’t wash, hoss. If they could build ships capable of interplanetary space travel, especially from a rock as far away as Nibiru to Earth, making all the gold they needed should have been a piece of cake. No need to mine asteroids or come here. Coulda just stayed home.

But a fabulous story’s a fabulous story, right? I thought so, and that’s what I did. The Moreva of Astoreth. Based on the Anunnaki saga and not that loosely, either. And it’s just as fabulous. Other people think so too, judging by its professional and reader reviews.

It doesn’t always have to be aliens.

There’s one thing that irks me about all this, though. Why is it so hard to believe ancient peoples — humans — built all these wonders that still exist today? How come people think the Egyptians couldn’t figure out how to build the Pyramids on their own? And the Olmec heads. Why couldn’t an African people have sailed across the Atlantic? Chinese junks. Those ships look so fragile, it was said sailors hugged the shoreline because they certainly couldn’t have made an ocean voyage. Wrong, dude. Junks do just fine on the open ocean, thank you.

There’s been so much of human history lost. Buried under the Saharan sands, or lying at the bottom of the ocean. Earthquakes. Massive volcanic eruptions.

Yeah, I know there’s some strange shit out there. Shit no one can explain.

Still, it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be aliens.

We should give ourselves more credit.





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