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What Is This Place?

It's déja vu all over again.

Place looks sooo familiar…

Oh! It’s my blog!

Yeah, uh…it’s been a while. *embarrassed laugh*

Not going to regale you, here. Suffice it to say life’s a bitch and then you live.

But I did want to tell you about my Kickstarter campaign. I’m in pre-launch mode right now, but don’t have a firm date to go live. When I started, I had all sorts of grand ideas about what I wanted to do, what to push, what swag to offer, and all that. Then I totted up the figures.


So…I’ve scaled waaay back. This one is for The Underground and The Final Victim. If I make enough profit, that’ll go to the next–Invasion. The plan is to work my way through this 4-book cycle. Liberation is the third book, and Homeward is the last. Why this way? Because I don’t have enough followers to pull in the funds I needed for my grand plans look like pocket change.

Putting together my swag list. Here’s a sample. They’re 4×6 character cards from the series. 

Follow this link to join my pre-launch campaign! You’ll be glad you did.

Oh, yeah. I know there’s a caret mark over the a in déja vu. I gotta find and memorize the code like I did for é.

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