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Making promises I don't keep.

I jinxed myself.

When I started this blog, my goal was a new post every week. Every Friday. At 6:00 AM. For a good long while, I did good.

My last post was June 6th. In that post, I admitted I’d fallen down on the job, and swore to do better.

It’s now November.


I can give a whole bunch of excuses–super busy with getting The Underground Series together so it looks like a series, learning InDesign (gave up on that for now), my WIP (third book in Series), working on growing my little editing business, stuff like that.

But no reasons. Like, my house burned down or blew up, I went to prison, got locked up in the psych ward, was abducted by aliens, or died.

So, I’ve come up with Plan B. Instead of every week, post every two weeks. Keep a calendar. Never been very good with that. Write something on the calendar, then forget to check the calendar. There was a time I could keep stuff in my head but those days are gone, and it’s time I admitted it. Put on my big girl pants, face reality, and get on with it.

Like the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.

Hoping I haven’t jinxed myself again.¬†¬†

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